How to Overcome Phobia Fear of Spiders

Do you have a phobia fear for spiders? This article might be able to help you out.

Why do most of us fear the infamous eight-legged insects known as spiders but not the other eight-legged species such as crabs?

It probably has a lot of things to do with them having furry legs and too many eyes while always creeping around in your room unnoticed. 

Understanding phobia fear of the dark: is there any treatment?

phobia fear of spiders

However, there is actually more to the phobia fear of spiders than what you already know.

Phobia fear of spiders

Most folks these days are deadly afraid of the spiders, but it hasn’t always been the case in human society. 

A lot of experts believe that a couple of hundred years, humans were probably less afraid of spiders than they are now. 

It is believed that the fear has been developing and adapted by humans as a means for survival. The process probably was initiated as there were more victims passed away due to the bite of a poisonous spider.

However, that might or might not be the case in our modern era.

Personal experience 

The most legit and genuine form of fear for the spiders would be when it was caused due to personal experience. If you have suffered from a terrible bite wound from a spider, it is very normal to develop a morbid fear towards them.  

However, what if you haven’t been bitten or suffer from any sort of physical injuries. Yet the sight of spider still freezes you to the core?

Imitated response 

Your phobia was probably a learned reaction from your surrounding peers and relatives. Humans are highly suggestive and imitative creatures. We often jump on the bandwagon in everything we do or other people do, and that includes the phobia too. 

Genetically inherited

There have been theories that our personalities are partially influenced by our upbringing and also genetically traits. 

If your parents and grandparents have phobia fear for spiders, chances are you will too unless your upbringing outweighs your genetic traits. 


So, how do you tell if you actually do have a morbid fear of spiders, or is it merely a reasonable fear? The phobia fear of spiders generally exhibits more intense symptoms. They are almost to the point when a person might even forget to breathe.

Whereas the reasonable fear would probably only compel you to stay away and forget about it immediately. 

Below would be common symptoms for the actual phobia fear of spiders

  • Nausea
  • Painful dizziness
  • Shaking
  • Intense sweating
  • Choking or unable to breath
  • Accelerated heart rate

Overcome your fear

So, is there any way to overcome your fears? That’s hard to say. There are ways to lessen phobia and give you a less painful experience when you encounter them. However, to completely get rid of the fear might be impossible, or at least it requires strong commitment. 

Regardless, below is a list of things people have tried to overcome their fear. 

Psychological counseling

Speaking to an expert for them to dismantle your fear would help a lot. It would be especially helpful if your fear was simply an imitated response. 

Your psychologist can tell straight away and help you overcome them easily.


A part of us always fear the unknown, and that’s probably what’s happening to you too. Therefore, do some research and try to understand them. 

That’s when you will find out there are probably only two types of spiders out of the thousands that are actually deadly. The rest is pretty much harmless, and their bites wouldn’t do much harm to a human body. 


For folks who genuinely have a morbid fear for spiders, firstly, I am sorry to hear about that. Just note that there are medications that can help you relax and avoid a nervous breakdown. Visit your local psychologist/doctor for a prescription for the proper remedy. 

Bottom line

I do hope that your phobia fear of spiders is simply an imitative response as that would be easier to address. 

In case it isn’t, then please do give it my suggested solutions a try and see how it goes. All the best, folks. 

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