Who Is The Phobia Treatment Expert?

Hi, my name is Jan Heering.

Jan Heering

I am a Phobia Treatment Expert, Master Coach in Mental Health, trainer and author in Amsterdam, Netherlands and have researched and written extensively with the subject of phobia.

I have treated hundreds of victims like you suffering from anxiety in the past and sincerely empathize with you all for what you may be experiencing.

And I don’t want to see you go through endless and unnecessary suffering.

That’s why this website was created — so that you can benefit from my experience to eliminate phobia and fear and not go through the process alone.

The Course That Swallowed My Fears
Hi, I am Linda who has always been gutsy by nature. But could you believe it that I feared from heights right from my childhood. You could have never found me indulging in flights. Anything that had to do with heights was a definite no from me. But things have changed and for the better.

The 5 Day Phobia Release Course was just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have fabricated the course that swallowed my fears whatsoever.
Linda Sobers, Dallas, U.S.A

I’ve developed for you the best phobia and fear treatment techniques

Choose the treatment option you like most and release your phobia and fears. Fast and Easy.

Master Coach, Phobia Treatment Expert and Author
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute and

Jan Heering

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At this moment we don’t provide individual treatment advice.

In case you want to know the name of your phobia: the name is not important. To get rid of your phobia you don’t have to know the name. You know where you are afraid of. That’s enough.

Get rid of your phobia. Fast! That’s important.
How? Cure your phobia with the help of my Phobia Release Program