Do You Suffer From Paraskavedekatriaphobia?

Symptomsof Paraskavedekatriaphobia – Fear of Friday the 13th:
breathlessness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations, inability to think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a sensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.

You are not the only one to suffer from Paraskavedekatriaphobia. Most sufferers are surprised to learn that they are far from alone in this surprisingly common, although often unspoken, phobia.

Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck, particularly in English speaking nations across the world.

Looking from historical background, the number 13 is associated with bad luck. However, there has been no scientific proof that the 13th Friday brings ill luck.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is an intense fear of something that poses no actual danger.

While adults with Friday the 13th phobia realize that these fears are irrational,they often find that facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety.There is a Way Out
Imagine what your life will be like when you know that you are not “defective”. When you can be confident and at ease in situations where you used to feel your phobia. And when you can talk about your former fear symptoms as though you are describing a movie where the character is someone else, not you.

Treatment Options

NLP Fear of Friday the 13th Treatment
NLP is basically the study and practice of how we create our reality. From the NLPviewpoint, a phobia is the result of your programs or “constructs” that you have created that don’t work very well.

With NLP, these constructs are revealed and “re-programmed” so that the Paraskavedekatriaphobia is minimized and often eliminated. In just 10 minutes a day you are able to cure your Friday the 13th phobia yourself.quite rapid and effective.NLP Phobia Treatment

Energy Therapy Fear of Friday the 13th TreatmentEnergy Therapy is emerging as an excellent therapy for fears and phobias because in studies it is shown to be rapid, safe, effective and long-lasting.

Energy Therapy is based on a theory and practice that has been around for a couple of thousand years. It has the same foundation or roots as acupuncture, except in this case there are no needles used. You could call it emotional acupuncture – without the needles.

Recentscientific studies have shown it to be very effective.

Energy Psychology combines thebenefits of the above treatment therapies.

  • You quickly and easily change your behaviors.
  • You are active in your own recovery.
  • Your thought patterns change, often very quickly.
  • You develop skills and techniques that are useful for a lifetime in all situations.

Energy Psychology Phobia Treatment

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