Do You Suffer From Chromophobia?

When you are afraid of colors it is said that you have chromophobia. Chromatophobia is however, the other name of the condition.

Causes of chromatophobia
When external events combine with internal predispositions, chromophobia occurs. The fear form usually occurs due to a specific triggering event at an early stage of life. The causes of the condition are at times quite complicated for you to decipher.

Generally when several experiences of life well combine with hereditary, genetics and brain chemistry, chromatophobia develops.

Symptoms of the condition
Symptoms of this particular fear form vary from person to person and they include a feeling of dread, irregular heart beat, extreme sweating, mouth becoming dry, inability to speak or express, occasional shaking, extreme anxiety, shortness of breath, relentless sweating and nausea.

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Medicines for chromophobia
You can have medicines for chromatophobia but drugs always come with harmful side effects. Even in such cases, withdrawal symptoms tend to be severe. Moreover, medicines are not permanent solutions to chromatophobia.

Drugs can suppress the condition for a while but can never cure the condition from root. Treatments for chromatophobia are several including psychotherapy, counseling and hypnotherapy. These treatments work but they come with one or more disadvantages.

More about the condition
Chromophobia can ruin the quality of your life. Due to this particular phobic condition, you can suffer from frequent panic attacks and you tend to behave awkwardly when interacting with friends, colleagues and relatives.

The situation is indeed ridiculous when you start being hyper at the sight of different color shades. Most of the time people around you fail to understand what actually makes you behave so strangely.

The roles of self help NLP in curing a condition of chromophobia
Self help Neuro Linguistic Program truly functions in curing a state of chromophobia. It heals your phobia quickly and completely.

With the help of self help NLP techniques, you can easily create reality for yourself. Thus, it becomes easy for you to restructure your mental set up and exert a better grip over your emotions and sentiments in life.

Colors add flavor to your life and so they should be accepted and treated with utmost confidence and rational attitude.
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